Mexico and France to participate together in the Music Festival 2016

martes 14 de junio, 2016 a las 17:02/en Puebla/por emontes


Mexico, Jun. 14 (Notimex) .- With a total of 80 presentations, the Music Festival 2016 will thrill the city of Puebla with jazz, reggae, fusion, electronic, rock, classical music and French music, on June 18 in different venues.


In the free festival, different musicians from Guanajuato, Tlaxcala, Mexico City, Veracruz, State of Mexico and Puebla, as well as France will participate in order to delight more than five thousand expected visitors, the organizers said in a statement.

Emilie Flesch, Director of the French Alliance in Puebla, explained that the celebration has been done for 12 years, and this time musicians, groups and volunteers were invited too.

She stressed that the festival is free for those who enjoy different musical genres through altruist presentations. "The communication efforts have been successful, the calling through social networks helped because, while in 2015 there were 14 proposals, this time there will be more than 80".

As a preview, next Thursday the Trio Paris Belleville will perform at the Palacio Municipal de Puebla, while on Saturday, groups such as Los Swingo Ska and Los Charanda Jazz, Portiko Mictlan, Jazz Orchestra. BUAP Faculty of Arts and Camerata Palafoxiana, among others, will have presentations.

It will also have cello recitals, transversals, percussions, Esperanza Azteca Choir and the Chamber Choir from the Puebla Americas University.

The participating venues include the Terrace of the Main Theater, the City Theater, De la Reforma Auditorium, El Triangulo Mall, the Bandshell under the BUAP University, the Vienna House of Music in Puebla, the Popular Theater José Recek, 1915 Hostal, the House of Mendrugo and the Cultural Complex University.

The idea of the Music Festival was initiated in Paris in 1982 and unlike the Music Festival in Puebla, the French format is different since it allows musicians to play music in the street without permission.




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