Puebla's Wildlife Park wins Brass Ring prizes

miércoles 23 de noviembre, 2016 a las 15:12/en Puebla/por emontes


Puebla, Mexico, Nov. 23 (Notimex) .- The Wildlife Conservation Park, Africam Safari, focuses Mexico and Puebla as the park with the most nominations obtained at the Brass Ring Awards 2016, the head of the Broadcasting Area, Patricia Madrid said.

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) presented the Brass Ring Awards, which includes zoos, aquariums, museums, amusement and water parks, family entertainment centers and suppliers from around the world.

The purpose of this recognition is to honor the excellence in food and beverages, games and retail, human resources, new products and family entertainment centers.

On this occasion, Africam Safari stood out by obtaining awards in the Public Relations Campaign, A compelling reason, Retail, Product Display, Explorer Cabinet; Human Resources. Best Recognition Program, as well as Green Piggy Bank.

Likewise the fourth prize was Human Resources, Best Employee Engagement Initiative, Electronic Survey and Marketing, and Outdoor Advertising, Safari Experience in Angelopolis.

Patricia Madrid detailed, through a statement, that the term of the award (Brass Ring), comes from the tradition of the Bronze Ring dating from the 19th century and today is synonymous of a spectacular achievement.

This tradition consisted of having rings suspended above a carousel, low enough that they could be fastened and as high as to be a challenge.

Most of the rings were made of iron, however, a few were made of bronze, so holding some of the bronze was considered a valuable gift.

The IAAPA Brass Ring Awards are equally prestigious, marking achievements of excellence throughout the global attractions industry.



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