Gastronomy and handicraft products are promoted in the "Atlixco Fest 2017"

miércoles 3 de mayo, 2017 a las 11:54/en Atlixco/por emontes

Puebla, Mexico, May 2 (Notimex) .- In the first "Atlixco Fest 2017", which will take place next weekend in the main square of the Magic Town, the gastronomy of the municipality can be enjoyed by more than 18 thousand visitors which are expected in three days in that meeting, said the festival organizers.

At a press conference, Myriam Jiménez García, organizer of the festival, Walter Junghanns, President of the Council of Economic Development and Tourism of the private initiative in Atlixco; Gerardo Corro Amador, director of Tourism Promotion and Articulation of the Atlixco municipality, together highlighted that from May 5 to May 7, the festival will promote local tourism and economy.

In this regard, Walter Junghanns Albers, president of the Council of Economic Development and Tourism of the private initiative in Atlixco, explained that the denomination of Magic Town was a catalyst in the tourist part of municipalities, that's why the visitors have a lot of interest

"The Zocalo will be brilliant this weekend, 100% closed to vehicular traffic, because tables and umbrellas will be installed uniformly, where the festival not only occupy its places in the portals, but will be in the public roads installed services to enjoy gastronomy, all accompanied by music, "he said.

Junghanns Albers emphasized that the so-called "moleras" will be present, they are the women of the communities of Valle de Atlixco, there will be eight representatives in a pavilion and they will offer different mole to the traditional one, which are of old and original recipes.

Myriam Jiménez García, organizer of the festival, said that it is a cultural and familiar meeting, with acoustic music, the presentation of saxophonists, string trio, metal quartet, as well as percussions, so that the attendees have a pleasant stay.

"That they consume the local, where it is important that in these times we support each other, that consumes all the wonders that are carried out within Atlixco and know everything that is done," he stated.

Jiménez García detailed that it is a different concept with 100 exhibitors who can communicate their products directly to the consumer, where all the poblanos and visitors will enjoy a different weekend, as a family.

"In Atlixco there are four artisan brewers who will participate with the theme of that product, which has grown in the last six years, in the face of supply and demand," he said.

He said that among the activities there will be a workshop for the production of craft beer, that way people will be able to realize the magic of that product, which will be free and attendees will come with a manufacturing package to take it home.

He stressed that they expect an attendance of 6 thousand people per day, which is considerable, also the economic outlay will be about 10 million pesos.

For its part, Gerardo Corro Amador, Director of Promotion and Tourism Articulation of Atlixco, said that it is a different way of offering the municipality, where a recent example is that in Holy Week it closed with an attendance of 350 thousand visitors.

He added that thed hotel occupancy was of  98 percent and by next weekend, during the "Atlixco Fest 2017" will be considerable, above all, attending that meeting will be with free admission and visitors may choose to taste and purchase of local handicrafts.



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